RCI Bank and Services

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RCI Bank and services
RCI refonte identité 4uatre branding

Further auto-mobility

RCI Bank is a partner to the Renault-Nissan brands alliance. For this major automobile group, the world is only getting more and more mobile and digital. In response to that, RCI Bank reshaped itself to become RCI Bank and Services, a reference in auto-mobilty services.

RCI Bank and Services refonte identité 4uatre branding
RCI Bank and services charte new branding

4uatre guided this transformation by creating a brand platform, with its visual and verbal codes – mostly  visible on their new website, entirely created by the agency – and by developing appropriation tools for the team members, paired with a day to day partnership with the brand. RCI Bank and Services settled in 36 countries with 3 100 staff members, and counting. A successfully done rebranding, right across the board.

RCI refonte identité 4uatre branding

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