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Schuss down branding

You have probably heard of .com, .fr, even .paris, but what about .ski? No, we’re not talking about your next holiday (though we could be) but about the url. Indeed, it is now possible to create a .ski domain name.



key visual dot ski branding
Pins & magazine .ski
4x3 .ski
t-shirt .ski

This revolution offers new possibilities for all the winter sports passionates and professionals : athletes, resorts, local councils, kit suppliers, schools, events, etc. To promote this idea and to allow you to get your .ski url before everyone, 4uatre has turned the url into a brand. Inspired by sports, tech and sledging branding, its codes are simple but effective, and above all, easy to use (so as to not go off-trail).


charte point ski
affiche .ski
i am .ski

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