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Accelerator in action

Welcome to the first French start-up accelerator, which has revolutionized both fashion and retail! Created in 2016 by the French Fashion institution Galeries Lafayette and the famous American techcenter Plug and Play, “Lafayette Plug and Play” is already a reference among young entrepreneurs. How is that possible you ask? Clearly position the brand in regards to its (many) competitors. Create a strong visual identity inspired by cool Californian tech trends, without forgetting the codes of the establishment Boulevard Haussman. Last but not least, assist the accelerator’s development, by providing practical tools to launch the brand quickly and successfully.

There we go, with 4uatre, Lafayette Plug and Play is ready to make fashion and retail reach high speeds!

Image animée logo et territoire graphique Lafayette Plug and Play Projet 4uatre 2017
Lafayette Plug and Play website mobile version in situ
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Lafayette Plug and Play place branding
Lafayette Plug and Play start up up

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