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Diversity is beautiful

4uatre guides Alinea, the home decor brand, for its whole rebranding, from brand platform to visual identity.

Proud of its mediterranean roots and convinced that home decor is not subsidiary, but an identity choice, the brand challenges 4uatre to reposition them on a bursting market. The agency draws the new positionning from the company’s creative DNA. Based on the idea that « diversity is beautiful », 4uatre builds a timeless visual identity, for a multicultural and approachable style.

The logotype benefits from inspired, moving and open shapes; with its double « a » monogram, taken from the Art deco mouvement, it materializes the creative energy of a brand meant to be worn, lived, part of our everyday life.

Rebranding alinea design 4uatre agence design identité identité
affichage out door alinea
catalogue 2018 alinea
affichage kakemono
listing des pictos alinea
signaletique alinea
vêtement uniformes alinea
assiette alinea 4uatre
Packaging boite alinea nouvelle identité
Carte cadeau alinea
eco cup alinea carton recyclé gobelet
ballon rose alinea 2018 nouvelle identité
papier cadeau alinea
sac tote bag alinea nouveau logo nouvelle identité alinea
Page facebook Alinea 2018 design nouvealle identié
camion alinea location
camion alinea location

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